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Leveraging technology and digitisation
to improve social sector funding



We cater to a host of stakeholders and provide a one-stop-shop solution to all things related to social sector funding.

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Funding Universe

a. Corporates

  • Search our extensive database of NGOs and use our easy to use advanced search functions to discover and identify NGOs that match your CSR criteria
  • We additionally offer a full-suite tailored solution for corporates, helping you direct funds towards appropriate NGO partners
  • Our services include training, legal support, advisory and strategic alignment, pre and post funding impact audit, monitoring and reporting etc. Avail our services
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b. Individuals / Volunteers

  • Conduct a sector-based search of our comprehensive database of NGOs to select the organisations working in the impact area of your choice
  • Volunteer your time and skills to help organisations fill their operational area need gaps
  • Professional skills are in very short supply for social sector organisations and you could make a difference by volunteering with the organisation that would most benefit from your time
  • Review organisations you've worked with or know of, to improve their rating and ability to attract more talent and funding

c. Foundations

  • Encourage your partner NGOs and implementing organisations to register on the portal and develop a solid web presence
  • Find the right implementation partners for your projects, in specified geographies and sectors
  • Find NGOs doing impactful work in your area of interest and in need of funding

d. Philanthropists

  • There are a host of NGOs doing incredible work at the grassroots level, without the marketing budgets to showcase themselves appropriately
  • Find and support the causes close to your heart, and NGOs who can bring about the impact your desire to see

e. Impact Investors

  • Build a potential pipeline of investments
  • Discover and track the rising stars of the social enterprise ecosystem
  • Utilise our field expertise to conduct in-depth due diligence and execute on local Indian transactions

f. NGOs

  • Build a credible web presence without investing in a top of the line, individual website
  • Appropriately and attractively showcase your NGO's performance and impact
  • Generate useful NGO specific content and improve your online positioning
  • Get easier access to national and international funders, donors and volunteers
  • Benefit from our advanced search algorithms, matching funders directly to your NGO, based on their requirements
  • Become part of the digital revolution sweeping India and benefit from our proprietary technology platform
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g. Social Enterprise

  • Make your enterprise visible to investors and get on their funding radar
  • Differentiate yourself from peers through an attractive and credible online profile
  • Attract early-stage funding to build out your business
  • Reach out to a wider pool of investors

NGO Database

  • A platform for NGOs and social enterprises to showcase themselves digitally
  • An extensive, easily searchable list of NGOs and social enterprises
  • Actively connecting the funding universe with the Indian social sector
Service NGO Database


  • Creates instant web presence without investment in a website
  • Easier access to national and international funders, donors and volunteers
  • Become part of the digital revolution and benefit from proprietary technologies
  • Nominal yearly cost to become part of a growing community of NGOs and funders


  • Advanced search algorithms for accurate NGO-Funder matching
  • An accurate and attractive summary online NGO profile
  • One-click donations with lowest transaction costs in the market
  • Voluteering platform and NGO's needs based, volunteer skill matching


  • One-stop-shop providing relevant NGO matches, aligned to needs and requirements
  • Criteria based search parameters(funding size, geography, area of interest etc.) allowing for hassle free NGO partner matches
  • A digitised, real-time and efficient engagement with NGO partners


  • Full-service offering - from Research Reports exploring key social sector issues to a Pre-Funding Audit, and on-going Monitoring and Reporting for the investor
  • Key value added services include sourcing appropriate partners and managing the end-to-end process from arrangement to execution for investments
  • Actively based on client need and level of sophistication
    • Module 3 will involve customised client servicing, not limited to utilising the database of NGOs available on ARION's online platform
    • Module 4 tools will be developed for each NGO specific project using ARIONs evaluation methodology tool kit
Deal Sourcing / Arrangement & Execution
Advisory and Strategy Alignment
Pre-funding Impact Audit & Monitoring and Reporting

Technology Platform

  • We enable NGOs and funders to benefit from progressive technologies and the improved accountability that comes through digitisation
  • A data-driven technology platform allowing NGOs to more efficiently manage their organisations and funder to monitor their investments on a real-time basis
  • Coming soon!

Tailored Services

  • ARION provides a full-service offering for corporate requirements - Preliminary Screening, Selection, Pre-Funding Audit, and ongoing Monitoring and Reporting
  • Modular and customisable based on client need and level of sophistication
    • Module 3 will have a self reported and independently verified section (through field visits)
    • Module 4 will comprise extensive due diligence to ensure the funds are going to a deserving organisation
    • Module 5 tools will be developed for each NGO specific project using ARIONs evaluation methodology tool kit
Training/Legal Support
Preliminary Screening
Monitoring and
Advisory and Strategic Alignment
Due Diligence