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view_headline Area of focusPromotion And Protection Of Child Rights

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Aangan is a child protection organization that promotes safe communities for children with a focus on children in dangerous or difficult situations and environments.These are children imperiled by their exposure or vulnerability to isolation, neglect, violence, hazardous or exploitative work, early marriage, juvenile offending, trafficking and abuse. We enable safe communities where children, adults and governments work together to prevent and respond to the harm that these children face. Aangan works to strengthen or build child protection mechanisms that both prevent as well as respond to children exploitation and threats to their security and wellbeing. Our prevention work is located in urban bastis or slums where impoverished children and families are supported and empowered to create a safe environment for children. Our work is centered around children who are normally invisible, such as children hidden away in childcare institutions; working adolescents who do not have the benefit of protection under inadequate labour laws; out of school children who are isolated in their homes or at work in the informal sector, children engaging in illegal and risky activities. We believe that if children, adults and state authorities engage with one another to identify, build and strengthen mechanisms that ensure children protection, then communities will be safe for all children. We work with the state to implement effective legislation and create a protective environment in which young people are not only physically and emotionally safe, but are also able to secure justice and essential services.


PROTECTIVE ENVIRONMENT: Supporting and empowering children, families, communities and government authorities to recognize the risks for violence, abuse, exploitation, neglect and exclusion from services that children face and to know how to prevent them.


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    In 2014-15 a total of 57116 children were reached through Aangan's programs. PACT (Parents Adults Children against Trafficking) reached out to 40541 children and 11700 families, in 2014, by mobilizing and involving community adults to create a safe community for children by strengthening child protection mechanisms. By building the capacity of parents and adults in the community, we hope that they will come to recognise and identify signs of isolation, understand its consequences (risk of being trafficked, early marriage, abuse, etc.) and make linkages to services in the community to address this isolation and vulnerability. Shakti works towards empowering and mobilizing the most vulnerable girls through group sessions and individual work, engaging community adults with girl safety and activating government services for girls. 12868 girls were directly impacted in 2014, as a result of Shakti's efforts. Chauraha reached out to 3707 isolated, out of school boys, in hazardous work, engaging in dangerous behaviour in communities and institutions, in 2014. We provide support to them through group work and individual mentoring sessions and enable them to access services and opportunities. In addition, we engage with parents and caregivers and activate government services.